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Jira Service Desk
Improve your customer support with Atlas CRM and Jira Service Desk. Atlas CRM adds customer information to support requests that allows you to focus on helping your customers.

Customer information in support requests

When a new support request comes in, Atlas CRM will give you an overview of your customer's information, issues and previous support requests.

Customer information
All information from the customer profile is available in a support request. Licensing information, support tiers, products used and anything else that you save in the customer profile.

Connect your teams
Is the work of another team influencing your customer? The customer profile will show related issues and support requests, to bring your teams together.

Sync Jira Service Desk Customers

When a new Customer signs up for your Service Desk, it will automatically be synced with Atlas CRM. And when a customer updates their information, the Atlas CRM contact will automatically be updated as well.

You will always have the latest information.

Documentation & roadmap

Read our documentation for Atlas CRM Cloud, Server and Data Center.


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