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JQL integration
The Jira Query Language (JQL) is used throughout Jira in searches and configurations. You can use Atlas CRM to use customer information in your JQL queries.

Atlas CRM Server & Data Center

On Jira Server and Data Center you have access to almost all customer information in your JQL queries. Most fields from the template are available in JQL. Visit the documentation for more information.

Jira Service Desk queues
You can create Jira Service Desk queues for a subset of customers, based on a field in the template. For example: Create queues based on the timezone of your customers.

Dashboard widgets, apps and more
Create widgets for subsets of customers, use customer information in other apps that support JQL and use it in Jira configuration. Whenever JQL is supported, you can use Atlas CRM customer information.

Atlas CRM Cloud

On Jira Cloud you can create JQL queries with one or more customers. This allows you to create separate Jira Service Desk queues and specific dashboards, for example. Visit the documentation for more information.

Sort issues by customer
Create overviews of issues per customer. Learn what work has recently been finished for this customer or what you are currently working on.

Groups of customers
Create overviews for selections of customers. Track the issues of multiple companies and/or contacts in the same overview.

Documentation & roadmap

Read our documentation for Atlas CRM Cloud, Server and Data Center.


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