Server Release June 2020: Discover new Atlas CRM functionality and improvements for Jira!

New: Communication

‌New to this version of Atlas CRM is the ability to add communication to companies or contacts. Phone calls and emails can be attached to the topic you've created. Within a customer interaction, multiple companies and contacts can be linked. In this way all communication about a particular subject can be found. It's also possible to see what the latest conversation with this customer has been, before giving an update to your coworkers.

Customer interactions in 1 topic

Create dialog

We hear you thinking: what is the create dialog? The create dialog is a screen used for creating companies, contacts or sales in Atlas CRM. We made things easier for you with two improvements.

1) Link companies and contacts

It is possible to directly link companies and contacts in the dialog. You can add new companies or contacts as well: they do not have to exist already.

What are your options linking companies and contacts in the create dialog?

  • Companies can be added to contact and sales.
  • Contacts can be added to companies and sales.
  • Both companies and contacts can be added to sales.
Linking contacts in the create dialog

2) Add files and issues

Within the create dialog, it is possible to upload files to the contact, company or sale. Next to that, issues can be linked directly. From this create dialog you can also create new Jira issues, since a create Jira issue dialog will appear once the button "create a new issue" is pressed. The newly created issue is linked directly.

Upload files and link issues in the create dialog

Sales improvements

A few months ago we released the sales functionality for server. We have improved the existing functionality with some new features.

1) Filter bar for sales

To align the filter bar for all entities, it is possible to filter for sales with the filter bar. You can filter the sales overview for all fields in your sales template. For example filter all sales with an estimated revenue above $.... or all sales that are assigned to you.

2) JQL: Search for issues linked to sales‌

With JQL (Jira Query Language) it is possible to search for issues linked to a sale in Jira. For example search for issues linked to sales with an estimated probability higher than 50%. More info on advanced searching with JQL can be found here.

3) Export sales

You are able to export sales, choose the export button in the sales overview to start an export. You can choose to export sales or export the sales with linked companies and contacts. It is also possible to export a filtered selection of sales.

Options exporting sales

API endpoints

Some new endpoints are available to our API. See our API documentation for more details.

1) Link entities

‌Entities are contacts, companies and sales. It is possible to link these entities with the API. Therefore, contacts, companies and sales can be linked to each other.

2) Create, change, delete sales

Using our API you can create, change or delete sales.

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