April 28, 2021

Now available on Cloud: Page numbering for Numbered Headings

Elise Beer

Product owner

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For those who are considering to make the move to Cloud, or for our Cloud customers using Numbered headings: we've got some news for you. We are working towards a solution for the missing functionality for Numbered Headings on Cloud. Since we know more and more customers will make the transition to Cloud, we started expanding the available functionality for Numbered Headings. Firstly, let’s introduce you to page numbering.

Beta release

We chose to make page numbering available in beta mode, to give customers the chance to opt in/out. In this way you can choose to start using page numbering, or stick to only macro numbering as default. Your administrator can turn on page numbering in the app settings of your Cloud instance to start numbering per page.

Page numbering

Page numbering lets you number a part of a page or a complete page. This is the most convenient way to number your headings. Add numbering to a page by clicking on the Numbered Headings icon in the page overview (not available in edit-mode). The only step you have to take is to turn on the toggle: then you are ready to start numbering your pages in the way you would like, as there are a lot of formatting options available.

Formatting options

There are multiple options using our Numbered Headings app: because every page or document deserves a structure that fits. Simply choose one of the standard options to number, like using decimal (1,2,3,4), upper-latin (A,B,C,D) or choose a custom format to set the numbering to your exact preference. It’s also very straightforward to choose your own starting heading, starting number or to skip certain headings.

Big plus: Our app shows you a preview of the formatted numbering. Straightaway you will know whether your settings are correct and the page is numbered at its best!

Space numbering

We plan to make space-wide numbering available next in line. Are you in need of space numbering for your Cloud instance? Please contact us so we can reach out to you.

Go to the marketplace directly.

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