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Do you know how to engage our global customers with effective content marketing? As a Campaign Marketeer at Team Apps, you have significant influence over our results. Will you help us grow further?

This is what you do as a Campaign Marketeer.

Your primary objective is to acquire and retain customers all over the world by building on the strategy developed by the Product Marketeer. You do this by executing targeted campaigns such as webinars, social media promotions, writing white papers, organizing events, creating videos, and building landing pages. You have a deep understanding of your customers and ensure that the appropriate content is targeted to the correct buyer persona.

You work closely with your team and external partners, such as Atlassian and, to increase the success of your campaigns. You also continuously explore ways to streamline campaign execution, considering options for automation and identifying tools that can optimize and simplify your work.

This is you.

As a Campaign Marketeer, you take ownership of your role and understand that your content is vital to Team Apps' success. Your proactive approach and ability to quickly take action sets you apart. Additionally, your strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively connect with both local and international contacts enable you to build and maintain valuable relationships and expand your network to achieve your goals. For example, leveraging input from partners like Atlassian can enhance the quality of your content for customers.

You excel at.

  1. Creating and executing campaigns: you know what to do when you get an assignment and can clearly communicate your strategy and approach to others.

  2. Writing: your compelling content engages readers.

  3. Written and verbal English: you can effectively connect with both local and international customers and partners. Fluency in Dutch is a plus.

  4. Prior experience with Atlassian and working in a B2B marketplace is preferred.

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We, Avisi Apps, deliver apps and integrations that work out of the box and fill existing gaps in tooling. With our expertise in software development, we can make the day to day life of our 10.000 customers even simpler. We work together with Atlassian and all around the world. Our team is young and growing as we are building apps for the Atlassian and ecosystem. New releases and achievements are celebrated with a beer!

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  1. 1 organization

  2. 100+ professionals

  3. 16 high performance teams

  4. 3 branded blends (coffee, tea, beer)

  5. 100% passion

Our team

  1. 14 professionals

  2. 1 multidisciplinary & supportive team

  3. 5 days of fun

  4. 100% trust


  1. 1 beautiful team

  2. 3 options: Mac, Linux, Windows

  3. 28 days holiday

  4. 1 personal training budget

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