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Avisi Apps delivers apps and integrations that work out of the box and fill existing gaps in tooling. With our expertise on software development, we can make the day to day life of our customers even simpler. The story began within the Atlassian ecosystem where we’ve become a Gold marketplace vendor. As of today, we create synergies and deliver value to customers in different ecosystems: Atlassian, and TOPdesk.

Fatih Demir
Software developer


Fatih is a software developer that is currently working on He loves to build automation features to simplify everyday work and is known for being unbeatable at table tennis at the office. In need for coffee at the office? Fatih is your guy.

Interview with Fatih

Daniëlle Overdevest
Product designer


Creative designer who wants to bridge the gap between people and technology. Crafts ultimate experiences through research and fantastic designs. Besides designing, she loves to hike in nature and pet every dog she can find.

Interview with Danielle

Timo van der Kamp
Software developer


Timo is a software developer with a strong preference for building elegant user experiences. The finishing touches on our apps with beautiful animations are certainly built by Timo.

Timo will always go above and beyond in support. Also, if you're in for a good laugh, Timo has got you covered.

Interview with Timo

Richard van Roy
Software developer


Richard is a developer who breathes “software”. For example: he creates his own programming languages, develops a video game and on the side he even paints (as a matter of fact, that’s the only thing not digital).

Interview with Roy

Gert-Jan van de Streek
Team lead / developer


Once upon a time, Gert-Jan founded Avisi. Wherever he goes, he takes his enthusiasm about software development and ambitious mindset with him. As Gert-Jan can’t let go of his passion for code, he still dives into the nitty-gritty details of our projects.

In need for a BBQ? Gert-Jan is your guy.

Interview with Gert-Jan

Elise Beer
Product owner


Elise keeps and maintains a perfect overview of all the hard work the team does. Next to that, she talks a lot (to customers and colleagues) and oversees what needs to happen for our apps to rock. She does crossfit and likes mountainbiking.

Interview with Elise

Marein Könings
Software developer


Marein is a software developer with an eye for detail. She can completely go for the perfect user experience and the exact implementation of a design. The same passion goes into baking one of the best carrot cakes we ever ate at the office! More please! Clojure found her before she found us, but together we're better!

Interview with Marein

Mitchel Kuijpers
Technical lead


Mitchel is our technical inspiration. Mitchel loves to dive into new frameworks and techniques. With the knowledge he has gained Mitchel definitely has an eye for the big picture. Mitchel doesn’t miss a chance to give strong feedback and suggestions to help other team members.

Fun fact: Mitchel always starts his workday with a fitness work-out.

Interview with Mitchel

Roy Gerrits
Software developer


Roy is working hard to get his software engineering degree, in the meantime develops features for apps such as Git for Confluence.

If you ever needed help through our service desk for Git for Confluence, chances are that you’ve spoken to Roy. He is dedicated to resolve issues as quick as possible for you.

Interview with Roy

Chris Meijer
Product marketing


Chris is the marketing department of the Avisi Apps team. He enjoys creating awareness for our apps and executes (digital) marketing campaigns.

In his spare time he likes to play soccer and shred mountain bike trails.

Interview with Chris

Jannick Joosten
Software developer


Jannick is a software developer who is eager to iron out all the flaws in a system. He enjoys diving head first into new problems and to find creative solutions.

In his spare time he likes to play some good old video games or some tunes on the piano.

Interview with Chris

Demi van Kesteren
Software developer


Demi is a software developer who not only loves to create beautiful apps, but also build good-looking and exciting user experiences.

Besides being a front-end fanatic, she likes to be creative with (digital) pencils and paint as well. Furthermore she enjoys a good book from time to time.

Interview with Chris

Part of Avisi

Avisi Apps is part of Avisi, a software company enabling (more) digitalisation for IT departments. Avisi has over 100 employees working in small, independent teams. Key values of Avisi are: motivated by passion, trust is crucial, quality is a priority, innovation is in our nature and the result is important.

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