We develop Atlassian Apps that help organizations to enhance team collaboration and work more efficiently

Based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, Avisi Apps is part of Avisi. Avisi is a software company specialized in offering customized software solutions. Avisi has over 100 employees working in small, independent teams. Avisi Apps is responsible for applications and integrations.


We build software to high standards and we are only satisfied if we would be willing to use it ourselves.


We have a Dutch mindset, we are direct and have a no-nonsense approach. In addition, fun in developing is key.


We are proud of every goal we reach. New releases are celebrated.

Our story

We have been developing apps since 2010. We believe that efficiency and quality of applications and integrations are key.


Next to developing applications and integrations, Avisi offers consultancy in Atlassian products and more.

Avisi Consultancy is your expert partner in all things Atlassian, creating synergies between processes and tooling.

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