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Why you should keep track of your customer needs in a CRM

It's easy to forget some of the details after a conversation with a customer. That's why it's so important to write notes about requirements, preferences and customer experience.
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Server Release June 2020: Discover new Atlas CRM functionality and improvements for Jira!

Add communication to your companies and contacts, a new create dialog, sales improvements and new API endpoints. Quite a lot new functionality to give you an update about.
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3 reasons to use an integration between TOPdesk and Jira

Recently we’ve built a new integration between Jira and TOPdesk. In this blog we will give you 3 reasons why this integration can help you and your team.
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Atlas CRM Release notes! Version 1.0.0 is here!

We have been working hard to make some major improvements to the Server and Data Center version of Atlas CRM. Read about the new functionality and improvements.
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Atlas CRM for Jira and Confluence: An App for all teams

This blog will give you 3 use cases for software, business and IT Teams on how to start using Atlas CRM within your business.
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