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New TOPdesk Jira Integration features that will help you to work more efficiently

Do you want to automate your processes between TOPdesk and Jira? Learn more about our newest features that help you to work more efficiently.
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New features Atlas CRM Server & Data Center

We have added two new features to Atlas CRM Server and Data Center! Create companies, contacts and sales from the navigation bar and you are now able to translate template fields!
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On-demand TOPdesk Jira integration webinar

Watch the recording of the TOPdesk Jira integration webinar. Learn how to speed up information flows and reduce operational costs in a secure way.
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Access Atlas CRM anytime, anywhere with Jira Cloud

In the Jira Cloud app your customer information is just one click away. Look up the latest comments before a meeting and easily access the information about a customer on your favourite device.
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Blog: How to keep track of your customer interactions

In this blog article we tell you more about CRM and how to organise your customer information more easily, so you can work more efficiently, respond accurately and increase customer satisfaction.
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Atlassian's Cloud first model and impact to our apps

Atlassian has announced changes in their offering. What will happen and what is the impact on our apps? Read it in our blog.
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How to gain more customer insight by using Atlas CRM?

The advantages of integrating Atlas CRM with your Atlassian Tools. Explore the possibilities in this blog!
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Using 3 stages of the sales funnel to increase conversion

Start using funnel stages to increase conversion. But how do you get started? There are three global steps that need to be taken before finalising the deal.
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Combining customer data with Atlassian Tools

Combining customer data with Atlassian tools gives a better understanding of customers wants and needs. It's a great opportunity, but how do you get started?
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Release notes: Version 1.0.0 is here!

We have been working hard to make some major improvements to the Server and Data Center version of Atlas CRM. Read about the new functionality and improvements in this blog.
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Manage your sales. Now available on Atlas CRM Server and Data Center

We are proud to announce that we released the sales feature on Atlas CRM Server and Data Center! Now you can easily manage the work you are doing to follow up leads and close sales.
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Use Atlas CRM on your favorite device

Atlas CRM is available in the Jira Cloud app! You can now access customer data on your favorite device.
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Offer Atlas CRM as an Atlassian Solution Partner

Are you as an Atlassian Solution Partner looking for possibilities to connect CRM with Atlassian Tools? Learn more about Atlas CRM and help your customers to work efficiently & gain customer insight!
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Release notes: Manage your customer files with Atlas CRM

We made it easy to manage files related to your companies, contacts and sales. Attach and share invoices, signed contracts, images, PDFs, designs, non-disclosure agreements and more!
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5 reasons why you want to integrate customer data with Atlassian tools

Integrating CRM with your Atlassian tools can be highly beneficial for organisations. In this blog we give you 5 big reasons why you should start with Atlas CRM now!
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5 steps to get started with a Customer Relationship Management system

CRM isn't magic software which will benefit your organization without having a clear strategy. So what are the five steps you should take to have an amazing start with a CRM system?
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