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On-demand TOPdesk Jira integration webinar

Watch the recording of the TOPdesk Jira integration webinar. Learn how to speed up information flows and reduce operational costs in a secure way.
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Access Atlas CRM anytime, anywhere with Jira Cloud

In the Jira Cloud app your customer information is just one click away. Look up the latest comments before a meeting and easily access the information about a customer on your favourite device.
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Blog: How to keep track of your customer interactions

In this blog article we tell you more about CRM and how to organise your customer information more easily, so you can work more efficiently, respond accurately and increase customer satisfaction.
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Atlassian's Cloud first model and impact to our apps

Atlassian has announced changes in their offering. What will happen and what is the impact on our apps? Read it in our blog.
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Webinar TOPdesk Jira integration! Improve team collaboration

The TOPdesk Jira integration enables you to speed up information flows and reduce operational costs in a secure way. Learn more about the integration and sign up for our webinar on November 26.
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New feature Git for Confluence

It's now possible to specify a commit ID for a file or directory and keep it pinned on that specific commit ID if your use case requires you to do so.
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Secure Cloud development: why we participate in Atlassian's Security program

We at Avisi Apps decided to participate in the Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program. Continue reading about all the details of the program and our motivation for participating in it.
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How integrating Jira to CRM can improve customer experience

When a customer contacts you, customer information needs to be at your fingertips. In this blog we show you how integrating Jira to CRM can improve customer experience.
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News: Taking you with us on the road for Atlas CRM: The CRM system for Jira and Confluence

With this short news item we want to give you an update of our current activities and the roadmap for Atlas CRM. We'll reflect on what we have done in the past and what we're going to do in the future
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5 important steps when rolling out Atlas CRM

It is important to have a game plan when you start implementing a new CRM system. In this blog we go through 5 important steps when implementing Atlas CRM.
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Why you should keep track of your customer needs in a CRM

It's easy to forget some of the details after a conversation with a customer. That's why it's so important to write notes about requirements, preferences and customer experience.
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Server Release June 2020: Discover new Atlas CRM functionality and improvements for Jira!

Add communication to your companies and contacts, a new create dialog, sales improvements and new API endpoints. Quite a lot new functionality to give you an update about.
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3 reasons to use an integration between TOPdesk and Jira

Recently we’ve built a new integration between Jira and TOPdesk. In this blog we will give you 3 reasons why this integration can help you and your team.
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Atlas CRM Release notes! Version 1.0.0 is here!

We have been working hard to make some major improvements to the Server and Data Center version of Atlas CRM. Read about the new functionality and improvements.
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Atlas CRM for Jira and Confluence: An App for all teams

This blog will give you 3 use cases for software, business and IT Teams on how to start using Atlas CRM within your business.
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