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Connect and track your GitLab activity directly in for integrated workflows, real-time insights, and smarter teamwork. gitlab integration

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Easily link your GitLab—whether it’s a SaaS or self-managed account — with your boards. Select the projects you want to sync, including both private and public ones. Create a new branch, merge request, or issue directly from your (sub)item using unique IDs or add them manually to your existing GitLab activities. No more fragmented workflows and manual project tracking and updates, now everything is connected!

Get real-time updates without leaving

See all your GitLab work—branches, merge requests, commits, and issues — directly in your items and sub-items. See status updates directly from the item view, and learn instantly if a merge request is merged, an issue is created, or resolved. With issues, you get even more insights without leaving your monday board. Whether a merge request is linked, a commit is made, or a comment is added, there's no need to flip back to GitLab.

Automate your workflow and get a better overview of your project progress

Use our ready-made automation templates and directly tie your task statuses with the ongoing activities in GitLab. Item's status can automatically switch to "Completed" once a GitLab issue is resolved, or transition to "In progress" when a new branch is created. This ensures you're always in the loop with your developer's activities on GitLab, eliminating the need for constant updates or switching between platforms.

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