Git for Confluence

Prevent outdated Git content on your Confluence page

OAuth Git for Confluence

Share Git files using OAuth

Easily share Git content on your behalf, even to users who don’t have access to the Git repository.

embed git file in confluence

Embed Git file

Embed a Git file in a Confluence macro and the content will sync automatically.

render diagrams in Confluence

Render diagrams

Choose to visualize Markdown, Mermaid, SVG, PlantUML, Swagger, GraphViz and many more file types.

Securely share Git content (Cloud)

Share Git files with Confluence users who don't have access to the Git repository. Connect GitLab, Github, Bitbucket or Azure Devops with Confluence and share content on your behalf using OAuth.

Visualize diagrams (Cloud)

Automatically render formats like Markdown, Mermaid, AsciiDoc, PlantUML, Images, Source code, OpenAPI, Structurizr, BlockDiag, BPMN, Bytefield, Vega, and more.

We are continuously working on adding more formats to Git for Confluence.

Embed Git files

View a file’s content on your pages by embedding it with the macro. The content is always up-to-date with the latest version in your repository.

Attach Git files (Data Center)

Add Git files to your pages as attachments and they will be kept up-to-date with your Git repository. Use these files as attachments and in combination with other apps.

Connect git with Confluence

Easy to use

Browse through your repositories to easily select a file to attach or embed. The complete repository is synced with Confluence.

See how easy it is to share your git content in Confluence

This matches all our requirements of pulling Git code to Confluence and rendering markdown to Wiki mark-up.

Praneesha Chandrasiri

Easily embed or attach Git files to Confluence!

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Check out our documentation for Git for Confluence server/data center or cloud.

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