TOPdesk Jira Integration

Automate processes and improve team collaboration

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Connect TOPdesk and Jira to automate processes and improve team collaboration.

Work more efficiently and integrate your TOPdesk workflow with Jira. The integration supports creating TOPdesk incidents and changes initiated from Jira. Currently, we are developing the API the other way around: creating Jira issues initiated from TOPdesk.

Integrate Jira with TOPdesk

Initiated from Jira, this integration offers the possibility to create TOPdesk incidents and changes.

Trigger a TOPdesk change within your Jira workflow

Create a TOPdesk change by transitioning a Jira issue. Admins can configure which fields get copied to TOPdesk.

View the progress of a TOPdesk change in Jira

No longer leave Jira to stay up to date with TOPdesk changes and incidents.

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Documentation & roadmap.

Read our documentation for the TOPdesk Jira integration.
Stay up to date on releases and view our roadmap.



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