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Atlas CRM

We help you to work more efficiently, gain customer insight and increase conversion.

Atlas CRM offers a seamless integration between your customer data and Atlassian tools. In the user-friendly interface you find the latest information about your customer’s wants and needs. Turn opportunities into sales by tracking them in a customizable sales funnel.
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Edit custom field values

Empower project administrators to edit custom fields.

Don't want to keep your users waiting for a Jira administrator to add a new value to a custom field? That task can now be deferred to a project administrator. Accelerate your business processes and provide more control to Project Managers with edit custom field values!
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Git for Confluence

Keep track of the latest version of your software repositories in Confluence.

You can now easily embed or attach Git files to Confluence and the repositories will synchronize automatically. By using Git for Confluence your content is always up to date and you no longer have to copy paste repositories. Git for Confluence is available on Server and Data Center.
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Numbered Headings

Number your headings automatically.

Create well organized Confluence pages with Numbered Headings. You no longer have to add numbers by hand or read through the document to see if your numbers are still up to date. You can choose between different formatting options and Numbered Headings is included in your exports of Confluence pages.
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TOPdesk Jira integration

Automate processes and improve team collaboration.

Work more efficiently and integrate your TOPdesk workflow to Jira. The integration supports creating TOPdesk incidents and changes initiated from Jira. Currently, we are developing the API the other way around: creating Jira issues initiated from TOPdesk.
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Undo transition

Save time and easily undo mistakes.

We all press sometimes a button too quickly. Luckily, undoing your last transition is only a couple of clicks away whenever you accidentally moved to the next transition. No matter which fields your workflow changes, you can pick those that you want to revert.
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User directory API

Sync your user directories instantly.

Some changes are critical and need to be carried out immediately. Use the User Directory API to sync these changes in an instant. User Directory API gives you API endpoint to automate tasks for user directories.User directory is available for Bitbucket, Confluence and Jira.
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XSD Viewer

Convert your complex XSD schemas to easy to read documentation.

XSD Viewer converts your complex XSD schemas to easy to read diagrams that are understandable for business and development teams. XSD viewer is available on Cloud, Server and Data Center.
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