Atlas CRM integrations

Enrich Jira issues with customer information to make your life easier when working on customer related issues. Add customer information to support requests to focus on helping your customers. Find linked issues of companies and contacts by using JQL.

Atlas CRM interface

Work efficiently

Intuitive interface with the latest information about customers. You no longer need to leave your Atlassian tooling to access information.

Customer insight Atlas CRM

Gain customer insight

Seamless integration between your customer data and Atlassian tools. Gather Jira issues and Jira Service Desk requests and get a single view of your customer needs and wants.

Jira issues

Enrich Jira issues with customer information to make your life easier when working on customer related issues.

Atlas CRM link Jira issues

Customer information

Look up information about the customer you're working for, without leaving your issue. The complete customer profile is available inside Jira issues, allowing you to focus on your work.

Atlas CRM view customer information

Related issues

Find out what your organization is doing for a customer by viewing all related issues. Is the work of another team influencing you? You can find out without leaving your issue.

Atlas CRM Issues related to a customer
CRM in Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management

Improve your customer support with Atlas CRM and Jira Service Desk. Atlas CRM adds customer information to support requests that allows you to focus on helping your customers.

CRM for Jira and Confluence

Customer information in support requests

When a new support request comes in, Atlas CRM will give you an overview of your customer's information, issues and previous support requests.

Customer information
All information from the customer profile is available in a support request. Licensing information, support tiers, products used and anything else that you save in the customer profile.

Connect your teams
Is the work of another team influencing your customer? The customer profile will show related issues and support requests, to bring your teams together.

Sync Jira Service Desk customers

Sync Jira Service Desk Customers

When a new Customer signs up for your Service Desk, it will automatically be synced with Atlas CRM. And when a customer updates their information, the Atlas CRM contact will automatically be updated as well.

You will always have the latest information.

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Confluence integration *Cloud only

Linking Confluence pages to the customer will give you a good overview of customer related information. Access all the customer pages in Confluence.
CRM for Confluence

JQL integration

The Jira Query Language (JQL) is used throughout Jira in searches and configurations. You can use Atlas CRM to use customer information in your JQL queries.

For example, search for all support issues raised by companies in a certain region, or issues that are linked to an important contact in your CRM.

search customer information with JQL

Atlas CRM Cloud

On Jira Cloud you can create JQL queries with one or more customers. This allows you to create separate Jira Service Desk queues and specific dashboards, for example. Visit the documentation for more information.

Sort issues by customer
Create overviews of issues per customer. Learn what work has recently been finished for this customer or what you are currently working on.

Groups of customers
Create overviews for selections of customers. Track the issues of multiple companies and/or contacts in the same overview.

CRM for Jira Cloud

Atlas CRM Server & Data Center

On Jira Server and Data Center you have access to almost all customer information in your JQL queries. Most fields from the template are available in JQL. Visit the documentation for more information.

Jira Service Desk queues
You can create Jira Service Desk queues for a subset of customers, based on a field in the template. For example: Create queues based on the timezone of your customers.

Dashboard widgets, apps and more
Create widgets for subsets of customers, use customer information in other apps that support JQL and use it in Jira configuration. Whenever JQL is supported, you can use Atlas CRM customer information.

CRM for Jira Server and Data Center

Build your own automation

Choose from different actions and triggers and set up your own automation rules.

Atlas CRM automations enable you to automate repetitive tasks and make customer information more accessible. The possibilities are countless.

Atlas CRM on mobile

Accelerate your customer workflow with blueprints

Accelerate processes your processes with our Atlas CRM blueprints.

We have created pre-built automations called blueprints that allow you to automatically link a contact and company to new Jira issues or Jira Service Management requests.

Great product and best service available. Always adding new features and open to new ideas.This product is good add-on for both Jira and Confluence and what we needed. It's simple and clean.

Kristján Ævarsson

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Check out our documentation for Atlas CRM server/data center or cloud.

Work efficiently, gain customer insight, increase conversion

Atlas CRM offers seamless integration between your customer data and Atlassian tools. The user-friendly interface displays the latest information about your customers' wants and needs. Turn opportunities into sales by tracking them in a customizable sales funnel.

Jira issues in CRM

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