Edit Custom Field Values

Empower project administrators to edit custom fields.

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Empower project administrators to edit custom fields.

Don't want to keep your users waiting for a Jira administrator to add a new value to a custom field? That task can now be deferred to a project administrator. Accelerate your business processes and provide more control to Project Managers with Edit Custom Field Values!

Empower project admins to edit custom fields

Easy to use plugin for project admins who can set default values and disable them.

Intuitive user interface

The intuitive user interface was designed and tested to handle all the edge cases we encountered over the years. Have more than a hundred values in a custom field? No problem. Want to reorder values? Just drag and drop.

Works with the standard Jira custom fields

Work with the default single select, multi select, radio and checkboxes fields from Jira.

Save time and increase your efficiency by editing custom fields yourself

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Edit Custom Field Values.


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