3 reasons to use an integration between TOPdesk and Jira

Recently we’ve built a new integration between Jira and TOPdesk, making it possible to connect both systems. We have started this trajectory with one thing in mind: making life ease for the user of the two systems by creating a seamless integrating. Because efficiency is key in our rapidly changing work field. In this blog we will give you 3 reasons why this integration can help you and your team.

No manual actions needed

Creating two different tickets in two different systems is ancient history. The action of creating a Jira issue or a TOPdesk incident/change will lead to the creation of a ticket in the other system which is automated with our integration. This is possible if you’ve configured the workflow in both Jira or TOPdesk with the right settings.

Save time

You no longer have to open two systems to fill in tickets. Imagine what this will bring you. Next to the fact that it won’t frustrate you anymore to copy a ticket in two systems, it will also result in another positive effect: saving time! This time can be used for other things that are ahead, making you do more work in less time. A win-win situation.

Focus on one system only

You no longer have to divide your capacity using two systems. You can focus on the system you’re active in mostly. Not familiar with TOPdesk or Jira? You do not have to set up and know all functionalities of both systems anymore since you will stay on the save side/system for you.

Try it out now!

Curious to find out how this integration can help you automate tasks, save time and focus on one system? Explore all TOPdesk Jira integration features in the Atlassian Marketplace and start your free trial.

TOPdesk Jira integration webinar

Watch the recording of this webinar to learn everything of the TOPdesk Jira integration features.

Elise Beer