September 19, 2023

A Bird's Eye View: Activity Stream / Blog 3 of 3

Dilara Erecek

Product Marketer

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The ability to have a bird's-eye view while capturing each intricate detail is akin to an eagle's vision. While we can't offer literal superpowers, we're delighted to introduce a feature that comes close—welcome to the redesigned homepage of Atlas CRM. Let’s delve into its core elements.

Activity Stream

Think of the Activity Stream as your panoramic viewpoint—a real-time window into the heartbeat of your organization. But unlike your traditional dashboards, our Activity Stream goes a step further. Now, you don't need to click into each company profile to grasp recent activities. The stream displays all happenings across the CRM, allowing you to effortlessly scan and browse these events. So, whether you're looking for high-level summaries or in-depth insights, you have the freedom to decide how much you want to engage.

In addition, the Activity Stream clearly indicates which team member was involved in a particular event. This makes it convenient to identify who has been active with a specific customer or sale. In essence, it serves as a centralized hub for tracking both team and customer engagement.

Striking the Right Balance

We're in an age where information is abundant. The challenge isn't gathering data, but rather filtering out the noise and concentrating on what's genuinely impactful. Our new homepage is designed to strike that delicate balance between information and overload.

Whether you're someone who likes to kickstart your day with a quick overview or someone who revels in digging deep into metrics, this homepage has something for everyone. Say goodbye to squinting at minuscule figures and wading through redundant information.

Efficiency is Key

The ultimate aim? Efficiency. The new homepage is about ensuring that your time is well-spent, decisions are expedited, and productivity is boosted.

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