April 12, 2022

Are you searching for a time management tool in monday.com?

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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The monday.com work OS empowers you to run projects, collaborate with colleagues and create transparent overviews. You have insight in your current and previous projects, upcoming tasks and you can create all sorts of widgets to visualize your progress. But there is one key insight missing to improve your projects even further, as you don’t know the time spent on a project or task.

Manage your time in monday.com with Tracket

But how do you measure your time in monday.com? That’s where Tracket comes in, an app available in the monday.com marketplace. Tracket enables users to add time entries to items and subitems so you get insight into your team's performance and capacity.

In this article we will dive into Tracket’s most important features:

  • How to log time on items and subitems.
  • Get a complete overview of your work logs.
  • Ensure accurate worklogs with time approval.
  • Turn data into insight with Tracket integrations.
  • Push time entries to third party software.

Tracket makes it easy to log time on items and subitems

Whether you are a regular monday.com user, project manager or the admin, time tracking should work as efficiently as possible. Quick and easy. Therefore we integrated Tracket entirely inside the work OS of monday.com.

Tracket works simply. You click on an item or subitem and the item view will appear on the right side of your screen. In the item view you can add new time entries or view logged hours of your colleagues. You can add Tracket to any monday.com board and start measuring time.

Overview of your worklogs per week

As a user you can work on multiple boards and log your hours on different items and subitems. The period overview offers you a complete overview of all created time entries in a week. Regardless of which board you added the time entry.

Isn’t your week overview complete or did you make a mistake? The period overview allows you to scroll between weeks and add, edit or delete time entries in order to complete your working week.

From the period overview you can submit timesheets for approval. This brings us to the next stage: time approval!

Review submitted timesheets as an administrator 

Data accuracy is a critical requirement when making decisions. You want to be absolutely sure about the reliability of the added time entries. To ensure the quality of time entries you can make use of Tracket’s time approval process.

As the Tracket team admin you have the ability to review, approve or reject submitted timesheets. It helps you to guarantee the quality of time entries and it gives you insightful information about your team's productivity.

Turn data into insight with Tracket integrations

Tracket integrations will help you to get meaningful insight from your time entries. Easily add Tracket recipes to your board and start building reports that will help you to make data-informed decisions. 

Monday.com offers by default various reporting possibilities. By using Tracket recipes you can start building work log reports.

The options are countless. Do you want an overview of the time spent per project? Or visualize the amount of working hours vs billable hours? In a few clicks you can set up your Tracket recipes and build your own reports.

Connect Tracket with third party software

It’s even possible to connect Tracket with third party software such as your billing and administration software. The Tracket API enables you to set up integrations and fetch time entries from Tracket.

Do you want to know more about automating your business processes? Read the Tracket documentation and learn how to connect Tracket with other systems.

Time is up. Start using Tracket

Log your time on items and subitems with Tracket and get real insight in the effectiveness of your projects. You can start a 21-day trial in the monday.com marketplace and discover all possibilities.

Do you have a question? Please take a look at our documentation or attend one of our weekly demo sessions.

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