Atlas CRM for Jira and Confluence: An App for all teams

Whether you want to increase efficiency of your software team or expand business by managing your sales process and gain more customer insight, it is clear that Atlas CRM can be used in multiple team situations and contexts. This blog will give you 3 use cases for different teams on how to start using Atlas CRM within your business.

Increase the efficiency of Software teams

You’ve released new functionality and features to your software, a happy moment. You want to continue, making it even better. We know building software requires your complete attention. You do not want to get distracted. Atlas CRM makes it easy contacting customers about new functionality, as you can add contact details to the corresponding ticket. You do not have to look up e-mails addresses that are set somewhere in another system. The information is available within your Jira issues, so you can work more efficiently and focus on the things that really matter; building beautiful software.

Gain customer insight within IT teams

You’re having trouble answering a Jira Service Desk request but you know you have answered the same question before, for another customer. Simply look up this customer in Atlas CRM and you can find all linked Jira and Jira Service Desk issues. In this way you can get actionable insights, by helping this customer without disturbing your colleagues.

Increase conversion of your business teams

Your team has a lead, but some tasks need to be taken care of before winning the sale. You’ve created Jira issues but they are set in different projects. Atlas CRM offers a customisable sales funnel to expand your business. Tickets can be linked to a sale and you can view the progress of all issues linked to the particular sale. In this way you have a perfect overview and you can increase your conversion because nothing will be forgotten.

As you might have read, there are many options using Atlas CRM. Do you want to discover what Atlas CRM can do for your team? Find us in the Atlassian Marketplace!

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Elise Beer