March 9, 2022

Atlas CRM blueprints: Autolink Customer to Service Desk request

Timo van der Kamp

Software developer

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In this blog, I am going to show you the power of this Atlas CRM Automations blueprint and how it can improve your customer support workflow. A blueprint is set of automations that are already configured to be used right away.

Manually having to select the right customer to your support request can be tedious job, so let Atlas CRM Automations do that for you!

When you activate this blueprint, the next support request will automatically be linked to a customer based on their email address. With these automations in place you will save time looking for the right customer to link to the request.

There are two automations in this blueprint let's walk through them together.

The first automation will perform two actions when the support request has been created.

Link contact based on reporter’s email

In the example above, a user with the email address has created an issue in this service desk. This action will link an Atlas CRM contact to this issue if their email address matches this value.

Link company based on reporter’s email

This action uses the website field of a company to check if there is a match with the reporter’s email domain. The domain of is A company will be linked to the issue if their website field matches with this value.

The second automation will perform an action when an Atlas CRM contact has been linked to the support request. This can be a manual action by a support agent or an action performed by an automation. For example the result from the first automation where the action Link contact based on reporter’s email is configured.

This automation will link this contact’s related company to the issue, if the contact is related to one.

But what if a new customers creates a support request that is not in my CRM yet?

Here is where another powerful feature of Atlas CRM comes into place: Jira User Syncing.

Jira User Syncing can be found in Atlas CRM settings. Once activated, there will be an Atlas CRM contact for every Jira user and Jira Service Management customer in your instance.

If a new customer creates a support request in your portal, an Atlas CRM contact will automatically be created. This contact will then be linked to the issue by your configured automations.

Excited to see what else is possible with Atlas CRM Automations? Check out our documentation to see the possibilities!

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