Blog: How to keep track of your customer interactions

Customer information is everywhere. You have your Jira Service Management tickets, Jira Issues, Excel sheets and all kind of other communication channels like emails, meetings and phone calls. All these different communication channels make it complicated to keep track of all communication with a customer.

The best solution might be an overview of all your contact information and customer interactions within one platform. In this blog article we tell you more about our CRM software and the possibilities to organise your customer information more easily, so you can work more efficiently, respond accurately and increase customer satisfaction.

Start using CRM software

CRM software enables you to store all your customer information. For example the company address, contact person, telephone calls, emails and invoices. It will also help you to keep track of all interactions with a customer.

Using CRM software will be even more beneficial if you integrate it with the tools you use. Our app Atlas CRM can act as a bridge between your Atlassian tooling and customer information, offering you direct customer insight by adding Jira Issues and Jira Service Management requests to your customer information.

Store customer interactions in Atlas CRM

Besides managing regular customer information within Atlas CRM, you can add comments, files and customer interactions. By adding comments you can easily share important information with your colleagues and offer better service to a customer.

The files functionality enables you to upload all sorts of information that is related to your customer, such as invoices, technical drawings or contracts.

Finally, you can use the communication feature. Communication allows you to stay up to date on customer interactions and share the information with your colleagues. Within a topic, multiple types of customer interactions can be added such as a phone call or an email. Logos of involved people are visualized in the conversation, so you know which colleague is helping the customer.

Atlas CRM can be of great help. Start your one month trial in the Atlassian Marketplace. Do you want to know more about Atlas CRM and Avisi Apps? Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date!

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Chris Meijer