March 9, 2022

Filter Jira issues with Atlas CRM data using JQL

Timo van der Kamp

Software developer

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JQL is a powerful tool in Jira to search for issues that you are looking for. You can sort and filter on all sorts of issue data, but wouldn’t it be nice to filter on Atlas CRM data as well?

The problem is that JQL only allows you to search on issue data. The solution is to automatically copy the Atlas CRM data to your Jira issues when linking a customer.

In this blog I will show you how using Atlas CRM automations can help you to create a Jira Service Management queue with JQL. This queue will contain all issues that are linked to customers from the Netherlands, my home country.

Step 1: Add Jira custom fields

We need to create Jira custom fields to which we will be copying our Atlas CRM data to. For now, I am only interested in copying the “Country” field from my Atlas CRM template to the Jira Issues, so I will be creating a custom field for that in Jira.

While in Jira, press the dot-key on your keyboard to search for “Custom fields” in the administration settings.

On this page, I am going to create a new Short text field with the label “Country (CRM)”. You can add a description to this field but that is not mandatory. Once you have created your field, you will have to associate it with your desired screens.

Step 2: Configure the copy automation

Now that we have created our custom field, we are going to configure the automation that will copy the Atlas CRM data into this field.

In Atlas CRM, navigate to the automations page from the settings menu.

On this page you can select your Jira project for which you want this automation to work, in my case is it going to be the Jira Service Management project where I want this special queue. After you have selected your project you can start creating your first automation.

For this automation I am going to select the trigger Contact linked to issue. This automation will be run every time an Atlas CRM contact is be linked to an issue in this Jira project. When this happens, I want the action Copy template fields to custom fields to be performed. In this action you can configure which Atlas CRM fields you want to be copied to which Jira custom fields. For this example I only need to make a mapping to my newly created field in Jira.

And that is all we need to configure, you can now publish your automation!

Step 3: Try your automation out!

I am going to create a new Jira issue for my own contact and see what this automation does.

Within a few seconds after creating this Jira issue our configuration automatically filled the country field in Jira.

Now that we have our data in the Jira issue, it has become very easy to use it in JQL to create my own JSM queue.

And that is how you filter Jira issues with Atlas CRM data using JQL. Are you excited to know what else is possible with Atlas CRM Automations? Check out our documentation and find out what the possible integrations are.

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