June 28, 2024

How Atlas CRM Transformed Customer Management at Hankamp Rehab

Dilara Erecek

Product Marketer

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Meet Ruud Mulder

Hankamp Rehab specializes in rehabilitation equipment, offering innovative solutions to enhance patient care and recovery. They distribute top-tier brands from Italy, Austria, and the United States, and also develop their own advanced rehabilitation devices through their in-house R&D team. With the support of their sister company, Hankamp Gears, they leverage on-site production capabilities to efficiently tailor their products to market needs.

Ruud Mulder wears many hats at Hankamp Rehab, handling sales, training, and managing rehabilitation devices. He is deeply involved in both distributing high-quality products and ensuring customers get the best training and support. "I'm doing sales, I'm doing training, I'm doing everything with the rehabilitation devices," Ruud explains.

How Things Were Before & Why Atlas CRM?

Before they started using Atlas CRM, Hankamp Rehab faced significant challenges in managing customer information and sales processes. Ruud shares, "Before Atlas, we had some demos, we placed them somewhere for three months, maybe a colleague was getting there to pick it up, and then they forgot some small stuff belonging to that device, so yeah, before Atlas, it was a mess, it's what I heard."

Hankamp Rehab chose Atlas CRM mainly for its deep integration with Jira. This integration was crucial as they were already heavily using Jira to track product development, manage bugs, and log training sessions. "We write down a lot in Jira, we make from every product we sell, we make the product in Jira, we create it there, any bugs we have, any training we give, that's all in Jira," Ruud noted. "But every customer information, for example, with which companies, which therapists or which contacts at which facility, we always note that in Atlas."

Innovative Use Cases & Impact on Operations

Atlas CRM has been key in helping Hankamp Rehab maintain internal visibility and improve operations. "If you visit a customer, you watch Atlas, what happened before, is there something that is in the process, and you can easily find, you cannot only find what is being done, but also can find with whom was the chat about some subject, so we always also connect the person to it, so the action and the person," Ruud explained.

One particularly innovative use case is their management of demo equipment. "We keep track of where our devices are, so we also have a lot of demo equipment, so if it is somewhere, we just put it in Atlas, and it's on the board, there is a column that says demos, and then it's stated where everything is, so we don't lose any." This is crucial for their team due to how expensive the demo equipment is.

Implementing Atlas CRM has greatly improved Hankamp Rehab's efficiency. "I would say that it benefits the way you work together as a team, so it really helps you, it saves you time that you don't have to report everything all the time to all your colleagues, you can just write it down, if someone needs the information, they can look it up, so it saves time, and it helps you working together," Ruud said. This visibility is crucial for their small sales team, allowing them to manage customer relationships effectively despite limited resources.

Atlas CRM has also helped them manage maintenance contracts and warranties. Ruud highlighted, "There is a warranty on the products, so after two years of warranty, we have to propose the maintenance contract, so I write it down in Atlas when the warranty ends, and then there is a reminder that pops up in my email, okay, warranty is ending, start the conversation about the maintenance contract, and also if a contract is ending, when they sign a contract, I write down in Atlas, I put a reminder in there with three months before the end of the contract so that I get a reminder, okay, it's ending, start conversation with them again." This ensures we stay proactive in Hankamp's customer service, avoiding lapses and providing consistent support.

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Hankamp Rehab's organized approach, facilitated by Atlas CRM, has not gone unnoticed. "Well, I recently heard the opinion that we are a very well-organized company, that it is quite a mess with some other distributors, most of that is because of Jira and Atlas, and then the partnership between the two systems," Ruud shared. This level of organization sets Hankamp Rehab apart from other distributors in the industry.

Wrapping Up & Final Words from Ruud

Looking ahead, Hankamp Rehab is interested in further enhancements to Atlas CRM, such as email integration with Outlook, which would improve their communications even more. "We're using Outlook as a company, so an integration with Outlook would be very useful," Ruud said.

Hankamp Rehab's use of Atlas CRM shows how innovative applications of technology can transform business operations. By integrating customer relationship management with their existing systems, they've achieved remarkable improvements in efficiency, customer service, and overall organization. Atlas CRM has not only met their needs but also provided a solid foundation for future growth and innovation.

When asked what he would tell other companies considering Atlas CRM, Ruud said, "It benefits the way you work together as a team, so it really helps you, it saves you time that you don't have to report everything all the time to all your colleagues, you can just write it down, if someone needs the information, they can look it up, so it saves time, and it helps you working together."

Hankamp Rehab's story is a testament to the power of effective CRM solutions and their impact on business success.

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