How integrating Jira to CRM can improve customer experience

The moment you have contact with a client you want to know all the customer details, whether it is through phone, email or via a ticket. In this blog we show you how to improve your customer support by integrating CRM with Jira Service Desk.

It's all about integration

Jira Service Desk is often your first and second line support portal. The portal organizes your support, but another important asset is the customer experience. Let's take a look at the potential pitfalls in your customer service process.

A potential customer calls the support department about an issue in the trial version of a new software product. Everytime the customer wants to create a new dashboard, an error dialogue box pops up. After the conversation with the customer your colleague immediately creates an issue in Jira and assigns it to software development.

A few days later the customer calls back and talks with another support employee about the same issue. Your colleague looks into the CRM system to take a closer look at the latest contact moments. Unfortunately, there are no notes about the software issue in the CRM system and it’s impossible to tell the customer about the progress. The result is an annoyed customer, while the service employee had to call several colleagues to learn more about the issue and progress. The missing link: an integration between Jira and the CRM system!

The importance of linking your Atlassian tools with CRM

By linking Atlassian tools like Jira and Jira Service Desk with your CRM system you can easily look into the running and solved issues of a customer. When a customer raises a support request, all the details will be automatically added to the CRM system. You can see who had contact with the customer and what the progress is of an issue. In other words, you have a full overview of the customer pains and needs.

Customer information like resolved and open Jira issues, customer notes and interaction history will help you to improve your support and make interaction more personal. During a contact moment with a customer, you know what to expect and how to shape a great conversation.

That’s why we’ve created Atlas CRM. Atlas CRM is seamlessly integrated with Jira, Confluence and Service Desk. Do you want to know more about Atlas CRM and Avisi Apps? Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date!

TOPdesk Jira integration webinar

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Chris Meijer