May 14, 2024

How to Add Tracket to Your

Katja Mosina

Product Marketer

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Tracket makes tracking time easy in Manage timesheets, track time against (sub)items, and use widgets to boost your team's workflow. Here’s how to add Tracket to different views in

Adding Tracket to Board View

  1. Select Your Board: Begin by opening any board within your instance where you wish to integrate Tracket.
  2. Navigate to View Tabs: Click on the '+' symbol located at the end of the view tabs, just below the board name.
  3. Install Tracket:
  • Hover over 'Apps' to check if 'Tracket - Time Tracking' is listed.
  • Alternatively, click on 'More views' followed by 'Installed Apps', and look for 'Tracket - Time Tracking'.
  • Click on 'Tracket - Time Tracking' to add it directly, or select 'Open in board' to get started.

Adding Tracket to Item View

  1. Open an Item: Access the item you wish to enhance with time tracking capabilities.
  2. Access View Tabs: Click on the '+' at the end of the view tabs below the item name.
  3. Install Tracket:
    • Click on 'Installed Apps'.
    • Search for 'Tracket - Time Tracking'.
    • Click to add Tracket directly to your item view, ensuring all time tracking data is at your fingertips.

Adding Tracket to Workspace View

  1. Explore Apps: In the menu on the left, click on '+' and hover over to 'Apps'.
  2. Add Tracket: Find 'Tracket - Makes Time Work' and click on it.

Adding a Widget

  1. Select Your Board: Open a board where you intend to monitor dashboards or require comprehensive widget support.
  2. Add a Blank View: Click on the '+' at the end of the view tabs below the board name, and choose 'Blank view'.
  3. Install Widget:
    • Below the tabs, click on '+ Add widget'.
    • Choose 'Apps' or 'More widgets'.
    • Navigate to 'Installed Apps', look for 'Tracket - Widget'.
    • Select the widget to add it to your board, enhancing your dashboard with specialized Tracket functionalities.

With Tracket, time tracking across is simple and intuitive. Whether you're managing individual productivity or team performance, Tracket provides all the tools you need within the familiar interface.

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