October 20, 2020

How to gain more customer insight by using Atlas CRM?

Elise Beer

Product owner

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Support-desk hero Ellen is solving a Service Desk request for a customer. In her coffee break she is chatting with her colleague John about how to help out this customer. She accidentally discovers that John is solving an issue for another employee from the same company. Unfortunately, the issues are set in different projects so they can’t be easily captured in one overview. A lot of navigation is needed to filter all the issues linked to this customer. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to easily retrieve this company information in one click?

How can we gain customer insight with Atlas CRM?

In Atlas CRM, Jira Service Desk requests and Jira issues can be linked to companies. Doing so, you can start collecting meaningful data about your customer. Within Atlas CRM you can watch all issues linked to a company and see what needs to be done without navigating through different Jira projects. Also, you can manage the contacts belonging to the company with personal details and add contacts when a support-request is made by a new employee. Ellen and John could use the information that is already there to gain more insight about the customer they are helping out, increasing their productivity.

How can we use this customer insight?

Okay, you’re all set and have created companies and contacts, lucky you! Gaining more customer insight can help your company in multiple ways. Analyzing data can help you better understand your customers, making better decisions in helping them and knowing when, how and what to sell them. Making better decisions will eventually result in more effective campaigns and strategies. This is something which can make your company more profitable!

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