March 7, 2024

How to Make the Most Out of Tracket’s Big Release: Admin's Guide to the Latest Features

Katja Mosina

Product Marketer

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When you're running a project, it's important to know where most of your resources are going. And let's be real, your team's time is one of the biggest resources you've got. Keeping track of it isn't just about getting stuff done—it's also about planning and budgeting smartly.

That's why in Tracket's latest update, we've added a bunch of new features to help you manage your projects even better. In this blog, we'll show how you as an admin can customize time tracking to fit your business processes, simplify reporting routine, and dig deeper into reports with Tracket. Come along as we check out these awesome features and learn how to make the most of this new version of Tracket!

1. Customize Time Tracking Process Even More

Every company has its own way of doing things, especially when it comes to tracking time. Now, you can customize everything to fit your processes perfectly! Use custom fields, also known as customizable time entry templates. You can add up to five single-select fields, tailored to your project's unique needs. Plus, you can now archive older custom fields. This keeps time logging clutter-free for other users while still keeping them available in the reporting feature.

2. Get More Detailed Reports

Make use of custom fields to add an extra level of detail to your reporting! Now, when you're looking at time sheets, everything's clearer. This means you can manage project resources better and avoid the headache of dealing with incomplete information.

3. Include Deactivated Users in Reports

If you've ever felt frustrated because your reports were missing important info when some users were deactivated, we've got your back. Now, previously deactivated users are included in reports, so you get a complete historical view. This means you can filter time entries in a more detailed way and track everything accurately.

4. Make More Use Out Of Filters

Create your report by applying the exact filters you need. With 'is' or 'is not' operators, filtering became a whole lot easier. Too many filters to choose from? A user-friendly search bar helps to find the right filter within a second.

5. Save Filters for Future Use

Do you ever find yourself stuck doing the same steps every time you make a report? Here's a little trick that came with a new update: save the filters you use! Next time you create a report, they're all done and ready and you can spend your time on more important tasks.

6. Customize Reports You Export

Now you can tweak your exported reports just the way you like! Handpick specific columns and time zones to only show what you need. No more digging through unnecessary data – just the essentials.

7. Find Past Exports All In One Spot

Ever had that moment of panic when you couldn't find the report you needed buried in your downloads or, worse, you accidentally deleted it? Don’t worry about that anymore! Now, you don’t have to recreate or export reports again. Access all your past exports in one convenient spot! You can reach it from both board and custom object views.

Summing It Up

Tracket's newest update gives both and team admins powerful tools to make processes smoother and understand project activities better. By mastering these new features, you can stay on top of project timelines and resources through smarter reporting, enhanced customization, and user permission options.

Are you a Stripe admin who wants to try out all these amazing features too? Switch to  monetization today and dive into the new Tracket!

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