August 31, 2021

How to manage your customer information in Jira and Confluence?

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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Atlassian products are great and help us every day to provide excellent products, solutions and services to our customers. But so far is has been a hassle to manage the customer information related to your work. Atlas CRM has built and CRM system meant for Jira and Confluence.

The need for a Customer Relationship Management system inside Jira and Confluence came initially from our own company. We have been using Atlassian tools for years and we dealt with a lot of customers, which made us look for workarounds. They worked well for the time being but with the growth of a company and complexity of the workflow they were using we really needed a well integrated system to handle customer information and collaborate around it within all teams.

Are you also looking for a CRM solution built for the Atlassian tools? Then you are at the right place!

Customer information

Customer information has essential value to all companies. We would be out of business when we would not manage and track all the work which is related to our customers. It does not include only sales and customer support but also marketing, HR, development, administration, accounting and management.

Therefore we built a CRM add-on with your needs in mind. The base of every CRM system is the information inside about your customer. Their contact information, billing details, social media contacts, website and any other relevant information. You can start adding customer information from scratch and use our default template or configure it fitting your own needs. If you already have existing customer database you can have a head start with configuring the template to your needs and import the database to Atlas CRM.

Companies and contacts

Atlas CRM offers managing two-level customer information: companies and contacts. But you are also able to use them separately. Contact profiles can be linked under company profiles, so you are always aware which company the contact is related to or vice-versa. If your existing database already included companies and contacts, you are able to import them with keeping the connection.

Customer related Jira issues and Confluence pages

The work you do, the Jira issues and the pages you collaborate on are often related to one or more customers. Using the Atlas CRM add-on for Jira and Confluence both enables you to link any issue and page to the customer profile. Under customer profile you are able to have a clear overview with all work done for the customer.

Manage sales in Jira

On top of linking the existing work with customer profiles, you can also use the power of Jira to close your sales. You can do it by visualizing your sales funnel and managing your sales prospects inside the tools you already use. The Atlas CRM sales feature lets you link issues and Confluence pages to your sales and manage the work that needs to be done to make your sale a success. You are able to set-up your own workflow for issue type linked to the sale. On top of that you can link reports, research, invoices, contracts and other customer related pages to the sale. The sales funnel makes it easy to track your sales' statuses, the customers they relate to, documentation and the amount of money involved.

Automatically sync customer profiles with Jira Service Desk issues

Syncing your incoming Jira Service Desk issues with exciting customer profiles makes it easy to always stay up-to-date with any customer side issues. Turning on the Service Desk syncing makes you able to see all the customer related issues and Service Desk issues whenever you visit the customer profile.

Do you need more information to get started? Consult our documentation or feel free to contact the Atlas CRM team with any questions or feedback.

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