August 31, 2021

How to use reminders to manage your sales workflow?

Elise Beer

Product owner

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Sales, Marketing and Support representatives have a lot of customers they manage on a day-to-day basis. This means, they have many tasks they have to conduct for each customer.

But how do they make sure that each activity is conducted in a timely manner and that no tasks are forgotten or left undone?

Customer service gone wrong

In Atlas CRM, you can manage your sales funnel by dragging the sale from one funnel stage to another. By clicking on a specific sale you are able to view all the issues for the specific sale. But, how do the sales or marketing representatives stay up to date and ensure that the tasks are conducted on time?

Let's imagine a software development company. They have around 2000 customers and growing. They also have five sales representatives and two marketing experts. They all handle the support activities. However, there are days where the workload is extensively high and they have to manage many tasks at once.

One day, two customers called in back-to-back. One customer was requesting support and the other customer was requesting a discount on their quote. The two tasks were assigned to one sales representative. So he made issues in Jira for both customers.

Unfortunately, due to the high demand for support on that day, the sales representative was unable to respond back to the customers on that day.

This resulted to the company receiving a low customer support rating.

Improving your sales workflow

So, how can the sales or marketing representatives stay up to date and ensure tasks are conducted on time? They can use the Atlassian Marketplace app, Reminders for Jira to send notifications when the issues need attention. Do you need to follow up with the customer next week? Note it down and get a reminder email! Plan your sales workflow with Jira reminders!

'My Reminders for Jira' can help a user plan their activities in Atlas CRM and make sure issues are completed on time. For example, sending introduction emails to a new customer or sending payment reminder emails. All the activities can be organised in Atlas CRM and you can manage the reminders you receive, for example with My Reminders for Jira app.

How can you now get started?

  • Go to the Atlassian Marketplace and install My Reminders for Jira from Atlassian to your workspace. This is a free app;
  • Next, you can create an issue in Jira that you need to work on;
  • Open the issue that you want to set a reminder for;
  • On the right hand side of the page, you can add the contacts, companies and the reminder;
  • Click on 'add reminder' and add a time, date and description;
  • You will then receive an email notification at the set time and date.

You can now manage your tasks efficiently and meet all your deadlines on time.

Are you not an Atlas CRM user yet? Install Atlas CRM now and integrate it with My Reminders for Jira.

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