May 22, 2024

How Tracket helps Noordhoff Zorg to accurately track and report on time spent on projects

Katja Mosina

Product Marketer

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About Noordhoff Zorg

Noordhoff Zorg provides educational content and Learning Management Systems (LMS) to healthcare institutions across the Netherlands. Their goal is to ensure that nurses and caregivers get continuous education to stay updated with their training. This helps improve the quality of care in elder care, hospitals, and home care settings.

Challenge: no easy way to do time tracking and report on hours spent on projects

Noordhoff Zorg handles more than 130 projects per year, so they needed an efficient way to manage all their projects. They found, which helped with project management, but they also needed a tool to track time spent by each employee across all projects.

Before, they used in-house-developed software for time tracking. It was hard to use, slow and didn’t work well with modern devices. The reporting capabilities were limited, making it difficult to have a monthly overview of time spent on projects.

Noordhoff Zorg also tried’s native time tracking solution, but it also lacked advanced reporting features. They needed a better way to report on how time was spent across all projects and employees and see whether project goals were met.

Solution: a time tracking app that allows to easily track time and is deeply integrated with existing infrastructure

To solve these problems, Noordhoff Zorg decided to choose Tracket, an intuitive time tracking app in the marketplace. The setup went smoothly, thanks to the help from Gorilla Services and Avisi Apps teams. Tracket's deep integration with allowed Noordhoff Zorg to maintain its project management activities while significantly improving time tracking ability. Tracket was chosen for its intuitive interface, detailed reporting features, and deep integration with existing infrastructure.

Results: higher productivity, better reporting, and more accurate data

Since starting with Tracket, Noordhoff Zorg has seen great results:

Increased Productivity and Engagement: The user-friendly interface and advanced features, like smart suggestions made the whole time tracking process easier and faster, which improved overall productivity and reduced the previous bottlenecks seen at month-end reporting.

Better Reporting: Project leads can now create detailed reports easily, helping them monitor progress and stay on budget. The ability to save filters for future reporting has saved time and reduced the number of repetitive & tedious tasks.

More Accurate Time Tracking: The visually appealing and intuitive interface of Tracket has made time tracking more engaging, encouraging employees to record their hours daily rather than at the end of the month. Now the data has become more accurate and reliable, which helps project leads to make better estimates and planning.

Elise Sivertsen, a Consultant and Project Lead at Noordhoff Zorg, shared her experience: "Before Tracket, we struggled with an outdated system that was cumbersome and inefficient. Now, with Tracket, our time tracking and reporting are simpler, and our productivity has significantly increased. The user-friendly interface and advanced features like smart suggestions have made it much easier for our teams to use time tracking on the go, making the entries more accurate than they used to be."


Tracket has transformed time tracking and project management for Noordhoff Zorg. Together with, Tracket has helped the organization manage projects and track time more effectively, ensuring they continue to provide high-quality training for healthcare professionals across the Netherlands while staying up to date with project goals and budgets.

Do you want to learn more about Tracket? Start your 14-day free trial to take control over your time and resources!

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