August 31, 2021

Improve the customer experience with Jira Service Desk CRM

Timo van der Kamp

Software developer

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Atlassian's customer service software Jira Service Desk is a place where your customers can access your knowledge base, contact you for help, report bugs, or request new functionalities (for example for the application that you are building). By linking Jira Service Desk and Atlas CRM you can deliver great customer service and keep customer issues closely tied to your development roadmap.

Communication is the key to delivering excellent support to your customers. The hard part here is that no two cases are the same. It will take time to solve the problems because you have to go back and forth, looking or asking for the information about the customer. Which products do they use? Are they long-term customer or someone in the testing phase? Have they had any issues before? There are many questions which could be answered beforehand and will help you to answer the customer questions faster and better.

On the other hand, sometimes you have to keep your customers in the loop. For example when you want to update them about the process of the features requests. What if you want an overview of all the customers who have reported similar incidents, in one place? That is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will help you. Atlas CRM provides you the possibility to organize your customers' contact information within Jira (and Confluence).

Why would you want to use Atlas CRM and Jira Service Desk at the same time?

The current limitation with Jira Service Desk is that you do not have additional information about the customers that submit support tickets. Syncing the customers with Atlas CRM helps you trace the history you've had with them.


  • Easy access the customer's contact information in Jira and Service Desk
  • Create mailing lists
  • Faster response and solution delivery time
  • Personal and agile support
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Inform the customers about the progress of a support ticket if they are linked to the JIRA issue

Bug reports

  • See all the Service Desk and Jira issues related this customer
  • If the problem is already known or reported, link the customer to an existing issue
  • Have a full overview of customers linked to the same issue
  • Inform all the customers who have encountered/reported the issue when the issue is solved

Feature requests

  • You can tell if a customer is relatively new or has been an important customer over the years. This information can determine the importance of a request
  • Sales for feature requests can immediately be linked to the synced contact

Atlas CRM helps you to easily collect the additional information you need to offer your customers the support they desire. The combination of Atlas CRM and Jira Service Desk will not only improve the support your customers will receive, but also simplifies the work you put into managing the customer support.

Sync Jira Service Desk customers with CRM system

If you are using Atlas CRM, every incoming Service Desk customer will be automatically created as Atlas CRM contact. Note that this feature is disabled by default and you have to enable syncing between Service Desk and Atlas CRM. The name and email address of synced contacts are synchronized with the customer, meaning that if the customer updates these fields, they will also be updated in Atlas CRM. This makes it not possible to edit the name and email address of the synced contacts yourself.

Existing users with the same e-mail address will be linked to the JIRA Service Desk user, so whenever a known user creates a support ticket all his information you've gathered so far will be there for you.

Synced contacts are easily recognizable within Atlas CRM. They will have a label 'synced Jira User' next to their name.

This all sounds amazing but how do we make syncing between Atlas CRM and Jira Service Desk possible? The good part is that this is as easy as it can be. All it takes to have this feature, is to enable it in the settings of Atlas CRM.

  • Navigate to the Configuration page
  • Go to the section User Syncing
  • Set the User Syncing toggle to 'on'

And that's it, from now on every Jira user will be synced with Atlas CRM automatically.

Read the documentation about synced users to get yourself going.

Improve Atlas CRM

If you have any feature requests to improve Atlas CRM or the integration with Jira Service Desk, feel free to leave a ticket at our Service Desk.

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