June 21, 2023

Introducing GitLab Self-managed Support for Git for Confluence!

Dilara Erecek

Product Marketer

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At Avisi Apps, we thrive on simplicity. We believe that software development should be a smooth and seamless process, without any unnecessary barriers. With our commitment to continuous innovation and our customers' feedback, we're excited to introduce the newest member of our Git provider family: the self-managed version of GitLab!

GitLab's Self-managed Version

We have just introduced a brand-new option to our existing set of Git providers. Git for Confluence now supports GitLab self-managed, in addition to its existing support for cloud editions of GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket. This new feature brings even more possibilities and flexibility to your development workflow.

With GitLab's self-managed version, you have the freedom to host your Git repositories on your own infrastructure, allowing you to tailor the setup to your specific requirements. You now have the ability to share Git content with stakeholders even when you prefer self-managed GitLab. This solution empowers organizations with security requirements to maintain their repositories within their own infrastructure, ensuring maximum data protection and compliance.

Whether you prefer the convenience of cloud-based providers or the fine-grained control of a self-managed solution, Git for Confluence has got you covered!

Collaborate Smarter, Develop Faster

Creating a single source of truth is easy with Git for Confluence. Gone are the days of outdated Git content on your Confluence pages. Easily share Git content on your behalf, even to individuals without Git repository access. By embedding a Git file within a Confluence macro, the content will synchronize automatically, ensuring that your documentation and code are always in sync. This simplifies communication, enhances collaboration, and saves you valuable time and effort. Whether you prefer the convenience of cloud-based providers or the control of a self-managed solution, Git for Confluence can meet your needs.


With the addition of GitLab's self-managed version to our Git for Confluence options, Avisi Apps continues to empower organizations by providing more choices and flexibility.

Avisi Apps, the developer behind Git for Confluence, maintains industry-leading certifications such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001, adheres to GDPR standards, and actively participates in Atlassian's security programs, ensuring a robust security framework for user data and privacy. With Git for Confluence, users can collaborate seamlessly while maintaining data protection and compliance.

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