September 12, 2023

Introducing Interactions in Atlas CRM! / Blog 1 of 3

Dilara Erecek

Product Marketer

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Ever found yourself rummaging through old emails, trying to figure out the last point of contact with a client? Or scratching your head over what exactly your coworker discussed in a meeting with a client? In today’s fast-paced business environment, keeping track of multiple interactions isn’t just good to have; it’s essential.

That's why we're introducing "Interactions" in Atlas CRM. But before we get into it, let's clarify something critical: this isn't just about personal record-keeping.

A Company-wide Lens on Client Interactions

The real magic of the 'Interactions' feature lies in its ability to provide a holistic view of all interactions a client has had across various departments in your organization. It isn’t just about you being able to keep track of your emails, calls, or meetings. The feature allows you to access interactions that your coworkers had with the same client—interactions that are crucial but were previously siloed in different inboxes or departments.

Imagine knowing a client’s entire history with your company at the click of a button—every email, every meeting, every casual chat—they've had with anyone in your company. That's powerful.

Collaboration as a Superpower

But wait, there’s more. What elevates this feature into a true game-changer is the ability to comment, ask questions, and collaborate on these interactions. Imagine reading an email thread between a client and your sales team and being able to instantly chime in with your insights, without having to forward emails or set up additional meetings. This turns isolated data points into collaborative business intelligence.

Why 'Interactions'?

Over the past few months, our conversations with you have revealed a recurrent challenge: not just keeping track of individual interactions, but managing these on a company-wide level. This feature aims to eradicate those silos, offering a unified, comprehensive view of each client's journey with your business. No more piecing together bits of information from different departments; it's all here, neatly organized for your entire team to see and collaborate on.

More To Come

This is just the first layer of the cake. We are continually working to introduce more tools and features that will further refine and expand your CRM experience.


In sum, interactions are not mere touch points; they're the connective tissue of your business relationships. The 'Interactions' feature is designed to offer transparency and collaborative power to your daily operations.

Ready to experience the revolution? We promise it's more transformative than you think.

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