February 21, 2024

Introducing Managed Access for Git for Confluence

Dilara Erecek

Product Marketer

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If you're looking into ways to enhance Git sharing security on Confluence, this latest release is crafted specifically for you.

In the landscape of software development, securing and managing access to Git repositories within collaborative platforms like Confluence is crucial. By introducing managed access mode, alongside the existing individual access, Git for Confluence now provides two solid strategies for managing Git resources across GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket. Each strategy is designed to meet diverse organizational needs and configurations, offering both flexibility and control over the security and accessibility of your repositories.

Our dedication to security remains a foremost priority. We understand the importance of protecting your data and are proud to offer this feature as a testament to our dedication. This update aims to improve the security of your repositories while ensuring they remain user-friendly.

Introducing Managed Access

Individual Access (OAuth 2.0): Our traditional method, Individual Access, allows Confluence users to use their Git accounts for authentication, facilitating the direct sharing of private resources on Confluence pages. This option is best suited for teams that value having direct control over their shared resources. Offering detailed access control at the user level, this method could, however, present challenges if a user departs the organization, potentially impacting the visibility of shared resources.

Managed Access (Token): Our latest addition, Managed Access mode, improves the sharing process by utilizing a singular, admin-configured access token to retrieve resources from Git repositories. This mode consolidates the need for individual connections into one secure link from Git for Confluence to your Git repositories. It addresses common concerns, such as those from GitHub users who question the necessity of both read and write permissions when authorizing access to private files through OAuth. If you've ever wished for read-only access to your repositories, Managed Access is the solution. Designed with larger organizations in mind, this mode ensures centralized control over sharing, maintaining access to shared resources as long as the access token is valid, therefore providing a stable and secure environment.

This approach provides administrators with better oversight and control over shared content, without compromising the robust security standards of individual access. It's about offering more flexibility and efficiency in how permissions are managed and controlled.

Transitioning to Managed Access

Here’s how to integrate the new feature into your workflow:

  1. Inform your team about the introduction of Managed Access.
  2. Enable Managed Access by configuring the shared access token with the necessary permissions to access your Git resources, which automatically removes personal tokens associated with Individual Access.
  3. Verify that all previously shared resources are accessible under the new access mode, ensuring a smooth transition with no disruption to your team's work.

We encourage you to explore our documentation for more details and reach out with any feedback. As always, our commitment through this initiative extends beyond mere features; it is a testament to our dedication to the DevOps community and the pivotal role Git for Confluence plays in fostering innovation and operational efficiency.

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