October 21, 2021

Introducing Tracket - the timesheeting app for monday.com

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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We are proud to officially release our new timesheeting app for monday.com: Tracket! Tracket extends customisable boards in monday.com by enabling all users to track time on items and subitems. This app will help you to get insight in team capacity. Explore the benefits by starting a free trial in the monday.com marketplace.

Make Time Work in monday.com

Throughout our history as an app development organization, we have seen that tracking time can be of significant value. It helps organizations to optimize projects, improve the planning of future projects and measure the costs of an assignment. At the same time you want to make sure time logging is easy and accessible for every user.

Tracket makes time work! Within monday.com you can quickly log hours on items and subitems. Time entries are tracked in the period overview, an automatically generated report that gives insights you can act on. Tracket offers several configuration options. Choose to label your time entries or configure mandatory fields. We created the Tracket API in case you want to push worklogs to third party platforms.

The next step

The first release of Tracket is only the beginning! In the coming year, we will expand the app with the following functionality:

  • Submit timesheets for approval as a user
  • Manage the work of your team as an approver
  • Get insight in your teams capacity with time reporting.
  • Use monday.com recipes to fill boards with time log data and create automations.

You can view our roadmap for a more detailed overview of our upcoming features.

No time to waste!

Start your free trial now in the monday.com marketplace. Do you have any questions? Take a look at our documentation or sign up for our weekly onboarding sessions.

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