April 14, 2021

New: Edit Custom Field Values Cloud

Elise Beer

Product owner

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We are happy to announce Edit Custom Field Values for Cloud! With our new app we enable Project Admins to edit custom field values in their company-managed projects.

Edit Custom field Values for company-managed projects

Jira Cloud distinguishes two types of projects: team managed projects (next-gen projects) and company-managed projects (classic projects). Company-managed projects come with advanced configuration for Jira Admins, while team-managed projects are easier to set up and simple to use for all users.  

Company-managed projects don’t offer Project Admins the possibility to edit custom fields. By combining the possibilities of company-managed projects with Edit Custom Field Values, Jira Admins can perform extended configurations and Project Admins have the flexibility to alter their custom fields. Team-managed projects already offer Project Admins to edit custom fields.

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