September 15, 2022

New features Team Reports Tracket

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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We’re bringing new Team Reports features to Tracket! Analyzing time entries and capacity can be difficult when your team is working on various boards, categories, and items. The new filter, custom date range and display options will give you insights to optimize the productivity of your team.

Filter time entries

The filter option enables you to list data based on your preference. Get insight and specify your time entries by board, category, item, subitem, users or a combination of variables.

The Tracket filter helps you to get a deeper understanding from your data. For example, by filtering on a certain set of tasks, subtasks or a board you can view if a project is still on track.

Set a date range

Filter your time entries within a specified timeframe. We’ve created predefined ranges such as month, quarter and year. It’s also possible to define a custom date range by selecting a start and end date.

Display options: select your time format

The new display options offers you different formatting options. Choose from 4 time formats and 4 column periods, and decide if you want to display weekends.

Combine Group by and Filter options

You can use the filter option in combination with ‘group by’, enabling you to select how the data is displayed. Quickly analyze your data and filter up to 3 levels on entities like boards, categories and items.

View our documentation page for more information about the ‘group by’ functionality.


Do you have a question about the new Tracket filter functionality? Get in touch via our support channel or join one of our demo sessions.

\We are happy to help you!

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