October 16, 2020

New TOPdesk Jira Integration features that will help you to work more efficiently

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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Do you want to automate your processes between TOPdesk and Jira? The TOPdesk Jira integration helps your teams to work more efficiently and reduce operational costs. In this article we will tell you more about our latest features.

Post function Transition Incidents and Transition Changes

We recently expanded the TOPdesk Jira integration with the post functions Transition Incidents and Transition Changes.

How does it work?
You can choose to add a post function to a Jira issue, that transitions the status of a linked TOPdesk incident or change.

For example, you can set the status of a TOPdesk incident to 'ready to start' when the Jira workflow transitions from 'Backlog' to 'Selected for development'.

Update incidents / changes from TOPdesk to Jira

You can quickly update incidents and changes from TOPdesk to Jira with the new action sequence.

The action sequence can be downloaded from Jira and imported in your TOPdesk instance. You can manually change the fields you would like to update within the action sequence in TOPdesk.

Configure incident details

We also enable you to configure incident details in the Jira issue panel. You can choose which TOPdesk field should be shown in the panel. Previously this functionality was only available for changes.

Try it out!

Start your free TOPdesk Jira Integration trial now to explore the new functionalities!

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