March 15, 2021

New GitLab integration

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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Align your business and development teams

We are happy to announce a new integration between and GitLab. By connecting and GitLab we help business teams and developers with achieving their goals by working more efficient and improving collaboration. This GitLab integration allows you to retrieve both private and group repositories. is your platform for modern project management, enabling users to run projects and set up workflows. GitLab offers DevOps teams one platform for source code management, CI/CD and security to deliver software rapidly. In order to improve communication between business and development, we developed an integration that will keep users up to date on the progress of GitLab and projects.

What can you expect?

  • Use recipes to integrate and GitLab.
  • Automatically create issues in GitLab when an item is created in or a status is changed.
  • Create and sync items in when a new issue is created in GitLab.
  • Or create items and receive updates in when commits are pushed to a branch.

Get started now!

The - GitLab integration offers you a simple set up to start connecting your business and development teams. Try it out now and improve your team collaboration. View our documentation to view all features of the - GitLab integration.

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