August 5, 2021

New partnership Avisi Apps & GitLab

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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Avisi Apps is happy to announce our official partnership with GitLab. As a GitLab Technology Partner, Avisi Apps aims to contribute to GitLabs goal: create a single DevOps experience. We are very happy with this new partnership, to be able to open up the way to GitLab products and services for our customers.

Avisi Apps started out the partnership with an integration between and GitLab, enabling organizations to improve collaboration between development and business teams.

Why GitLab?

GitLab as a tool covers the whole DevOps lifecycle (from idea until deployment). Since there is more and more interest in the world of DevOps as a way of working in the software development industry, we feel the need to support our customers to use this tooling and become more efficient throughout the complete software development cycle. That’s why we created and integration between and Gitlab, to become more efficient working with both software and business departments.

Connect your development and business teams

Whereas GitLab offers DevOps teams a single source of truth by delivering a DevOps platform as a single application, offers business teams a simple Work Operating System to shape workflows, create transparency and connect collaboratively. The GitLab integration allows users to retrieve both private and group repositories. This way users will be updated on the progress of GitLab and projects.

What to expect from the integration?

  • Use recipes to integrate and GitLab.
  • Automatically create issues in GitLab when an item is created in or a status is changed.
  • Create and sync items in when a new issue is created in GitLab.
  • Or create items and receive updates in when commits are pushed to a branch.

What's next?

We are really looking forward to carry out this partnership! Would you like to know more about the GitLab integration? Visit the marketplace!

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