September 22, 2021

New product announcement: Tracket Makes Time Work

Elise Beer

Product owner

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We’re currently working on Tracket that will help you and your team to track time in This app will soon be available in the marketplace. By logging hours on existing items and subitems, you will get more insight in your team’s capacity and make more accurate decisions. Start your free trial now!

What can you expect?

  • Easily create worklogs on existing items and subitems
  • View worklogs of your team members on items and subitems.
  • Get an overview of your logged hours from the period overview.
  • Add, edit or delete time entries from the period overview
  • Fetch your worklogs with the Tracket API

Explore the benefits and watch the demo video

What’s next?

It’s our goal to make time work for you. The following features are on our roadmap:

  • More configuration options such as mandatory fields and categories
  • Submit timesheets for approval as a user
  • Manage the work of your team as an approver
  • Get insight in your teams capacity with time reporting.
  • Use recipes to fill boards with time log data and create automations.

You can view our roadmap for a more detailed overview of what we’re working on in the (near) future.

Try it out!

The first customers are already using Tracket. Do you want to onboard as well? Start your 21-day free trial from the marketplace.

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