April 26, 2022

New Tracket features: Sort time entries, add public holidays and CSV exports

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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We've added new features to Tracket that help you to increase the insight in your weekly productivity. Besides that, it is now possible to add public holiday schedules to user groups and export time entries in a certain date range.

Sort time entries in 'my timesheet' & your team's timesheet with 'Group By'

As a monday.com user you work with different boards and categories. You log your hours on items and subitems and use 'my timesheet' to get insight in all your created time entries.

By using the new ‘group by’ functionality it is possible to sort time entries in 'my timesheet'. Using ‘group by’ generates an overview of all time entries per board, category, item or all subitems per week so you get a better understanding of your week’s performance and productivity.

Team reporting for Tracket admins

As a team lead you keep track of all time entries made by your co-workers. In order to get a better understanding of the performance we’ve added the group by functionality to your team’s timesheet. You can quickly analyze your data and filter up to 3 levels on entities like boards, categories, items, subitems and persons.

Set public holidays

Easily add holiday schedules to Tracket! You can create a new holiday schedule, choose a country or region, and add the public holidays to a person or a set of users. The capacity planning will be adjusted automatically when adding a holiday schedule to a user.You can choose from over 200 countries. In addition, you can add holidays yourself.

Create CSV reports

We have extended the CSV export functionality. You can add a date range to your exports and include the workspace and board name to your CSV file.

Any questions?

Do you have a question about the new Tracket recipes? Get in touch via oursupport channelor join one of our demo sessions.We are happy to help you!

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