August 31, 2021

On-demand TOPdesk Jira integration webinar

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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In this on-demand webinar we will show you how to improve team collaboration with the TOPdesk Jira integration, and we will explain all the features!

Every organization wants to improve their productivity and automate business processes. The TOPdesk Jira integration enables you to speed up information flows and reduce operational costs in a secure way. Learn more about the integration and sign up now!

What to expect?

- Create Jira issues in TOPdesk and TOPdesk incident/changes in Jira.

- Trigger a TOPdesk change within your Jira workflow.

- Use pre-filled action sequences to automatically create Jira issues.

- Choose which Jira field you would like to map with the TOPdesk incident field.

- Update fields in TOPdesk changes or incidents by transitioning the workflow in Jira.

The session lasts for 30 minutes.


Introduction Avisi Apps (5 minutes)

Why this integration? (5 minutes)

Use case / demo (15 minutes)

Roadmap: what’s next? (5 minutes)

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