November 8, 2023

The Executive's Guide to Mastering Time Management with Tracket

Dilara Erecek

Product Marketer

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In a corporate landscape where the demands for efficiency, profitability, and excellence are ever-increasing, mastering time management is crucial. As an executive, you're responsible not just for strategic vision, but also for ensuring that your team's time—arguably your most valuable resource—is optimally utilized. In this blog, we’ll discuss why time management should top your priority list and introduce you to Tracket for, a tool designed to make this task remarkably easier.

The Hidden Costs of Time Mismanagement

  1. Ineffective Resource Allocation: Failing to track time efficiently leads to skewed priorities, affecting your ROI adversely.
  2. Team Burnout: Overwork and lack of prioritization can lead to stress, affecting the well-being of your employees and, in turn, their productivity.
  3. Customer Relations: Missed deadlines and sub-optimal output can risk customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Company Culture: Inefficient time management can induce stress, impacting the work environment negatively.

Why Tracket for

Tracket offers a flexible time-tracking solution that integrates seamlessly with, one of the leading work operating systems used by numerous organizations worldwide.

Log Hours with Precision

Tracket lets your team easily log hours against existing items and subitems on your boards. You can manually enter time or use the Tracket timer to automatically record it. This ensures accurate and hassle-free time tracking.

Week-by-Week Overview

Tracket provides a 'My Timesheet' feature that shows all time entries made in a week. The ability to scroll between weeks and add new time entries provides a detailed picture of time expenditure and helps in future planning.

Simple Integration

Tracket allows you to set up integrations in a few clicks. You can add Tracket recipes to your boards and build dashboards that offer real insights into your team’s time utilization.

Time Approval for Accountability

One of the unique features of Tracket is the time approval functionality. You can easily review, approve, or reject submitted timesheets, ensuring that the time entries are both accurate and reliable.

Data Analytics

The software offers robust analytics, enabling you to filter data on boards, categories, items, subitems, and persons. This is a goldmine for executives who want data-driven insights for strategic decisions.

API Access for Custom Solutions

Tracket’s API tokens enable you to export time entries for further analysis, providing an even deeper understanding of your team's capacity and performance.

Real-time Insights with Widgets

Tracket's widgets let you track your team’s performance based on different data categories. These widgets provide real-time, actionable insights that can be pivotal in achieving high-level goals.

Take Control of Your Time with Tracket for

Managing time efficiently is non-negotiable for any forward-thinking executive. Implementing a tool like Tracket into your environment can provide you with the insights and controls you need to effectively manage your team's time. In doing so, you'll be setting your organization on a path to greater profitability, higher employee satisfaction, and a stronger competitive edge.

So, isn't it high time you took control over how time is spent in your organization? With Tracket for, you can do just that.

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