News: Taking you with us on the road for Atlas CRM: The CRM system for Jira and Confluence

With this short news item we want to keep you up to date with our current plans on Atlas CRM and explain what we are trying to achieve in the future. We will take you with us on the road because we find it important to keep our customers informed at all times. We want to involve you in the steps we take, because we care. Some changes are currently processed in the background and might not be that visible to you.


We started developing Atlas CRM for Cloud back in 2015. The first years we concentrated on Cloud, constantly adding new functionality and improving existing. After some years it became clear that customers wanted to enrich their issues with companies and contacts on Server instances, where we completely agree on. In April 2019 we launched a Server and Data Center version of Atlas CRM.


The last couple of months we focused on the development of Server, with even more functionality. That becomes clear from our Trello board. For customers the development of new features is clear and visible. But what’s happening in the background is the fact that we are making impressive changes to our Cloud architecture, including the requirements we have to fulfil to ensure enterprise cloud customers can make use of our apps effortlessly.

The side effect of the changes we are making to the Cloud architecture that the moment new functionality has been developed, it will be available for both Cloud and Server. Therefore, in the upcoming months we are improving the Server version of Atlas CRM to match the functionality with Cloud.


So, what can you expect? The next quarter of this year we will continue working on the architectural changes and aligning the Server version to Cloud. Once the work is finished, we can start migrating customers to the new version. This new version will have lots of extra functionality on Cloud. Some examples: Communication, new field types and a new and improved way to create contacts and companies. For the complete list of new functionality that will become available please contact us. After this, all new functionality will directly become available on both Server and Cloud.

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Elise Beer