August 31, 2021

Track communication with your customer inside Jira and Confluence

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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There are many moments when you wish to have an overview of all the conversations your company has had with your customer. Have they had complaints? What was promised to them? Who was the last person to have a conversation with the customer? What was discussed in the emails your colleague sent to the customer two days ago? How can you make sure you always have an overview of the latest communication with a customer?

The main question is: How can you access all this information inside Atlassian tools Jira and Confluence? Below are two approaches that solve the problem of recording communication with your customer, without the need for an external CRM system.

Use issues for customer profiles

The most common, but far from perfect, workaround is to use Jira issues as customer profiles. By adding custom fields, you can save all kinds of metadata within the issue. Communication with the user can be added to comments in the issue.

The downsides to this approach is that the issue comments are not searchable and if you have a lot of communication with your customer, managing the information and communication you have with them gets tedious.

Use Atlas CRM add-on for Jira and Confluence

We recommend installing Atlas CRM for Jira and Confluence. With Atlas CRM, you don't have to use issues for customer profiles. Atlas CRM adds customer profiles to Jira and Confluence, which allows you to do CRM inside Atlassian tools.

Try Atlas CRM for free by installing it from the marketplace. Here are three ways for recording customer communication with Atlas CRM:

1. A Confluence space for communication

Create a Confluence space for all the communication that you have with customers. Within this space you can create a page when you want to record a conversation with your customer.

Atlas CRM makes it easy to link the page to the customer profile. In the customer profile, you will find a list of all the pages that are linked to this customer.

2. A JIRA project for communication

Another option is to create a communication project in Jira. Within this project you can create issues for each conversation you have with a customer.

Just like with pages, you can link issues to the Atlas CRM customer profile. In this profile, you will find an overview of all issues that are linked to the customer. And by filtering on the communication project, you can easily find all conversations that you and your colleagues have had.

An added benefit is that you can add workflows to these conversations and link work to a specific conversation.

3. Comments and files to Companies

If you don't have a lot of communication with your customers, you might not even have to go outside of Atlas CRM. You can add comments and files to a company, contact or sale to give your colleagues the latest information received and the documents created for this customer. Simply go to the overview of a company, contact or sale and go to the comments or files tab to attach.

4. Update 2020: Add communication to your company or contact page

We recently added new communication features to Atlas CRM. You can easily keep track of your communication with a customer in the communication panel. Furthermore, you can upload files and add comments to a company or contact page!

Always have a full overview

If you open a contact or company profile, you are able to access full overview of the customer, including the Jira issue and/or Confluence page where you can record the customer communication.

We hope that this information was useful and you are able to easily record and track all the communication you have had with your customers.

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