October 3, 2022

Update Git for Confluence! Render C4, Source Code and more!

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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We are supporting new file types that can be rendered by Git for Confluence! Git for Confluence enables users to automatically display Git files like plantUML, SVG, mermaid, GraphViz and markdown to Confluence. This new release adds C4 and Source Code to the list of compatible file types.

We also shipped a new functionality that enables Confluence admins to manage all shared Git files by you and your coworkers.

Automatically render diagrams

Is your Git file a GraphViz layout, or does your Git file contain an image? No problem! You will discover that many diagram formats automatically render on your Confluence page. You can choose to automatically visualize markdown, SVG, plantUML, Source Code, GraphViz, Source Code, Mermaid, OpenAPI (Swagger) and other image file types.

Manage shared Git repositories

As a Confluence admin you can manage all Git files shared by you and your coworkers in the administration overview. Easily search by Confluence user or file name and decide to revoke access or transfer the consent to another Confluence user. This is especially useful when a coworker is leaving your organization.

Start your free trial

Creating a single source of truth is easy with Git for Confluence. Gone are the days of outdated Git content on your Confluence pages. Simply paste the url of your Git file to the Confluence page and the content will sync automatically.

Do you want to learn more about Git for Confluence Cloud? Start your free trial in the Atlassian marketplace or check out the documentation.

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