April 14, 2022

Update User Management in Atlas CRM

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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We are happy to extend the user access management functionality in Atlas CRM.

Previously, you were only able to grant or deny access to Atlas CRM. The new user access management feature brings you more customization options and 4 built-in permission roles. The roles are highly customizable. It’s your choice to add new roles or edit existing ones.

We distinguish 4 pre-defined permission roles:

Role Explanation
Reader Can view Atlas CRM contacts and companies but can’t edit or add records. The reader can’t view the sales overview in Atlas CRM.
General employee / editor Full control of the company and contact entities. The general employee can’t view the sales section.
Sales employee Can view and edit records in the company, contact and sales overview.
Atlas CRM admin Full control of all settings in Atlas CRM. For example, the Atlas CRM admin can alter templates.

Why set permissions?

Is a colleague often waiting for you to implement a change to Atlas CRM? The new permission roles allow you to speed up processes by enabling colleagues to alter templates or Atlas CRM settings themselves.

You will save time and optimize your working processes.

Quickly allocate roles

There are two ways to add users to Atlas CRM and allocate roles. You can choose to manually add users and appoint a certain role to them. Or, you can use use bulk selection and add users that belong to a certain Jira group.

Get started with Atlas CRM permissions

Do you want to learn more about Altas CRM permissions? Check out our documentation for more information or contact us via our support channel.

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