March 28, 2024

What’s New in Tracket: What we launched in March 2024

Katja Mosina

Product Marketer

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Since the launch of Tracket’s Big Release, we've been busy listening to your feedback and making more improvements. We've tweaked some existing features based on your suggestions, and we want to walk you through them. Read and see how these changes will make Tracket even better for your reporting and daily tasks.


Adjust Vertical Scale

Now you can tweak our widgets even more! With our new Adjust Vertical Scale feature, you can easily change the graph's vertical scale. To illustrate how this feature works, let’s look at an example.

Let's say you're comparing the total time spent by each team member throughout the week. Some team members might have worked more hours than others due to varying workloads or responsibilities. Without adjusting the vertical scale, the graph might stretch to accommodate the team member with the highest total hours, making it difficult to see the differences in time spent among other team members. However, by adjusting the vertical scale, you can compress the graph to accurately compare the time spent by each team member. This enables you to make even more informed decisions about resource allocation, workload management, and team productivity.

Benchmark Line

With this handy addition, you can easily set a benchmark value on your graphs, helping you track progress or compare performance against a standard that you set. Whether you're overseeing multiple projects or managing team schedules, the Benchmark Line provides a visual reference point on your graphs. Simply set your benchmark value, and the line will help you track progress and compare actual time spent against your goal. It's a powerful tool for keeping projects on schedule and ensuring team efficiency.


Choose Time Formatting

Now you can choose time format when creating an export. This helps you export logged time in the format that suits your existing systems, you don’t need to convert time entries into your standard time format anymore, just do it with one click!


See Groups When Selecting Item

Now, when you log time, you'll be able to see the group that each item belongs to directly in the item selector. This improvement simplifies your time tracking process, providing you with a more familiar interface. With groups now visible, organizing your time and selecting the right items becomes even easier, and you will make fewer mistakes when logging time.

Improved Timesheet List View

Now, you'll notice a new date column that displays the time entry date, providing you with a better context on your time entries. You can now also resize the columns, just like you do in Excel, giving you greater control over how you view and interact with your data.


Report on Guests Time

Now, you can generate even more comprehensive reports by including time logged by guests. This enhancement allows for a more inclusive overview of time spent, ensuring that all contributors are accounted for in your reports.


Make Description Field Required When Logging Time

You can now customize the description field to be required in your Tracket setup. This means you have the flexibility to ensure that crucial information is always included when tracking time.

That’s a wrap!

And if you haven’t heard yet, Tracket also launched on the mobile app, so you can easily track time on the go!

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