October 18, 2023

Why Leading Brands Trust Git for Confluence?

Dilara Erecek

Product Marketer

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In today's complex digital landscape, the need for secure and efficient code sharing is paramount. Git for Confluence offers an enterprise solution that has earned trust from industry leaders such as Teradata, Sauce Labs, Warner Brothers Games, Avon, Domino's Pizza. This powerful tool addresses the vital needs for secure version control and stakeholder collaboration.

The Problem We Solve

Every organization with a digital footprint grapples with challenges related to version control and secure content sharing. These issues can impede productivity and cross-team collaboration, posing security risks in the process. Git for Confluence rises to the challenge, acting as a bridge between developers and stakeholders. It offers easy integration with platforms like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps.

Who Is Git for Confluence For?

Developers: With Git for Confluence, you can automatically update your Confluence Server or Confluence Cloud pages. Your latest commits will show up right away, so you don't have to update them manually.

Stakeholders: Not savvy with source code management or don't have access to Git repositories? Git for Confluence allows you to securely view up-to-date versions, creating a single source of truth that enhances decision-making.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Brands like Teradata, Sauce Labs, Warner Brothers Games, Avon, Domino's don't gamble when it comes to their team collaboration and data security. They trust Git for Confluence for its robust capabilities in secure Git content sharing, establishing it as a cornerstone in their software development processes.

Uncompromised Security

Git for Confluence is more than just another collaboration software; it's a secure platform. Maintaining SOC 2 standards, ISO 27001:2017 certification, and GDPR compliance, we make data security our top priority.

Take Action!

If you're looking to bring your organization's version control and stakeholder collaboration to new heights, Git for Confluence offers a comprehensive solution. Are you ready to elevate your team's software development capabilities? Try Git for Confluence today.

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