Computas x Tracket: Better control of time tracking and invoicing in

Is client billing your source of income? Do you use to manage projects, clients, and tasks? Do you want to make your billing process more accurate and make sure you have a long-standing trust relationship with clients?

Then we have a solution for you! Together with our trusted partner, Computas, we discuss how time tracking can assist your customer invoicing process and how you can do time tracking on with a Tracket app.

 TOPdesk Jira integration API

Watch now and learn how time tracking can help with your billing process!

Watch and learn how time tracking can assist your customer invoicing process. With Tracket, a time-tracking app on, you will be able to:

  1. Bill correctly

  2. Show transparency and build trust with your clients

  3. Manage your projects and project resources better

API TOPdesk Jira

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