March 15, 2022

Introduction Atlas CRM automations

Chris Meijer

Product Marketing

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We are happy to introduce automations for Atlas CRM Cloud! Atlas CRM automations will help you to boost efficiency and streamline customer processes in just a few clicks.

Atlas CRM automations are similar to Jira automations and enable you to build if-this-then-that-rules. You can choose to configure your own automations or activate one of our pre-built blueprints.

By using Atlas CRM automations you can save time, accelerate processes and ensure your customer data is up to date.

Atlas CRM blueprints: pre-built automations

We have created pre-built automations called blueprints that allow you to automatically link a contact and company to new Jira issues or Jira Service Management requests.

It’s never been easier to improve your customer support workflow. Do you want to know how you can quickly activate a blueprint? Read our blog article about blueprints and get started now.

Build your own automation rules

Choose from different actions and triggers and set up your own automation rules. Atlas CRM automations enable you to automate repetitive tasks and make customer information more accessible.

There are countless possibilities. Check out the Atlas CRM documentation for an overview of all actions and triggers.

Try it out now

Do you want to learn more about Atlas CRM automations? Or do you need help with the configuration? Check out our documentation for more information or contact us via our support channel.

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